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Noteer na het beluisteren en tussen de lichtcirkels door je ervaringen op in je notitieboekje.

Tijdens de lichtcirkel is het volgende wezen gezien precies zoals op de afbeelding, maar niet benoemd: white tiger lion. Na het zoeken waar deze voor staat, wordt de volgende tekst gevonden – welke goed aansluit het 3e oog activatie en het thema. Prachtig hoe alles zo samen valt en helder wordt.


Your soul is craving this expressive burst and we shall walk the path with you!

Greetings dear seeded one, for indeed you are the galactic race which holds many seeds from this and other worlds. We are the White Lighted Beings of on High known to you as the White Tiger-Lions we are one and the same. The White Lion beings of Antares, we come in many formations for peace and light. We are not held to one space or location but we honor our origins on Antares. The one constellation, star cluster, we do call home. But for many places have been our home. We are keepers of libraries of the light. We are keepers of higher knowledge and awareness we are keepers of consciousness.

Allow us the White Lion Tiger beings of Antares to come get you in waking state be it in meditation. Come into the doorway of our third eye. See us in the Temple of Artemeshia on Antares where much of current Earth human creation started. See for yourself who you are, and how we are a part of you. See how you are a guardian protector of the TRUTH, of connection with Source and with the All. Be not afraid to embody your full being in whatever way this TRUTH comes to you. Open the door now and KNOW fully. Allow us to descend into your realm to act as your totem animal, your wise being, your supreme helpers! As we bring strength, conviction, might and focus to who you are, yet all the while bringing you connection to source to oneness and to the one true place you can call home.

Your soul is craving this expressive burst and we shall walk the path with you!

Seers, Guardians, Keepers of the Light. A Collective of Beings dedicated to preserve sources of Light, great beauty and power. Very, very powerful beings. Representing the Divine Masculine. Honorable, dedicated beings of light, Preserve Light Creations, patterns of life expression. Overseers of Libraries of divine wisdom and intelligence. Very dedicated and loving. Respond to the creator beings at very high vibrational stages.

~Channeled art & message via Alessandra Gilioli